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From Shane Curcuru <...@shanecurcuru.org>
Subject Re: SVN server problems (fwd)
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 14:21:12 GMT
Just to echo what Henri said: those of you who are committers on other 
open source projects, remember both the wealth of services apache.org 
provides as well as the fact that we have an all-volunteer infra team. 
Many of them drink beer as well; if the world were a better place, then 
they would never have to pay for it.  8-)

Comparing the 'feel' I get from ASF infra to the infra team of another 
large, professional, open source organization (with *paid* staff), the 
ASF infra team comes out on top every time.  Kudos.

- Shane

Henri Yandell <bayard@apache.org>
> As an aside. It's very impressive to sit on #asfinfra and watch the
> infra@ volunteers dealing with such things. Half a dozen people have
> juggled their schedules to spend a lot of today dealing with the
> problem, and I'm sure they'll be putting many more hours in to get
> there.

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