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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: [ANN] Avalon Closed
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:31:43 GMT

Stephen McConnell wrote:
>> Once again, there was no technical breach of procedure.  Of custom,
>> perhaps, but not of procedure.  This is another dead horse that
>> should stop getting beaten.
> A set of polices and procedures were established and these procedures
> governing the decision making processes within the Avalon PMC.  These
> policies established rules concerning discussion, voting, and reporting.
> Unfortunately Aaron decided that he was above these rules, a notion
> supported by the Chairman and a number of the members of the board.

No policy adopted by a project can supercede the policies of the ASF.
Any that do are null and void, or, at best, advisory only.

> There is absolute indisputable evidence of Aaron disregard for these
> procedures and the opinion of the PMC. Lets' not even argue about that.

I believe there may have been disagreement between Aaron and some
members of the PMC.  Certainly not a majority, in which case the
statement 'Aaron disregarded the opinion of the PMC' is just a handwave.
If the entire PMC wanted a different approach taken, or even a majority
did, then perhaps your assertion migh be consodered to have some validity.

In addition, 'disregard' means 'ignore' -- which is not the same as
'considering but not choosing to accept.'  So I *do* dispute your claims.
'Let's not argue' ?  Then let's stop asserting controversial positions
and saying they're fact and not worth arguing about.

> Instead I would suggest you think about the impact of these actions on
> the PMC members and the community. The breakdown in trust underpins the
> subject of this thread and every single person subscribed to this list
> is better off for knowing that.  So instead of defending the ASF - how
> about thinking about strengthening what you have by at least listening
> and perhaps suggesting ways in which we can prevent this in the future.

If I believed there was something improper here that should be prevented
in the future, aye.  Since I don't, then defending the ASF, and the positions
taken which I consider correct and valid, is certainly preferable to
*not* defending them and letting assertions I consider rubbish to prevail
unchallenged and by default.
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