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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Re: Open Source, Cold Shoulder (fwd)
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 21:17:02 GMT
> My version of the idea is not to let random strangers manipulate the
> branch that will be released with our brand, but rather to have a
> version control system that allows random strangers to commit proposed
> changes with just normal version control commands, without the mental
> overhead of going outside this system to create a patch, find the right
> place in bugzilla, create a bug report and submit, attach the patch as 
> a
> second step, find out the patch was formatted wrong, resubmit, etc.
> This version is a matter of ease of interaction, not of releasing
> control of a branded release branch and accompanying quality control.
> My personal favorite system for this is the up-and-coming Monotone vc
> system, but it is still in its apha stage.

You're probably aware of darcs (http://abridgegame.org/darcs/) if 
you've been looking into this - it makes it very straight-forward for 
external parties to submit patches because the commit command sends the 
patch off via email to the maintainer.  The down side is it doesn't 
provide a central repository (though it can be kind of achieved I 

The fact that darcs is largely unknown and can be difficult to install 
makes it a non-starter for making things simpler for contributors 

> --Tim Larson


Adrian Sutton.
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