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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Re: Board Commentary: Metro and Avalon
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2004 19:22:43 GMT
On Monday 27 September 2004 00:35, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> for a doctor to tell your friends and neighbours that you have cancer?

Hippocratic Oath (not sure of spelling), similar to a contract.

> for an employee to tell its employer
> that it really hates its job, and intends to resign at the earliest
> opportunity in order to take a job with a competitor?  

Well, that is the choice of the employee, and I doubt that it will raise much 
eye browes if he/she does.

> or for an employer
> to tell an employee that it'll be fired for cause in three weeks?

I am not entirely sure, but I think this falls under Labor law, and not only 
acceptable but required from the employer. Even considerations of the 
possibility of laying off people must be communicated to the Labor Union upon 

You forgot "National Security", which is basically kept within the Armed 
Forces and Special Police Force, plus reinforced by signed contracts.

Business communications are typically governed by mutual NDAs.

I am sure there are more cases, where communication secrecy is backed by 

So, I still maintain that a cultural difference lay behind the difference of 
opinion, whether the mail to the Metro group, to the Avalon PMC and 
accessible by all ASF members were of confidential nature or not.
And I sure did check with Stephen McConnell what his take was on quoting his 
name straight up, and he had no objections whatsoever.

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