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From Felipe Leme <felip...@apache.org>
Subject IDE licenses
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 02:53:36 GMT
Hi all,

I had to talk with MyEclipseIDE (http://myeclipseide.com) support
regarding work-related issues, so I took the opportunity to inquiry if
they would provide free licenses for ASF committers (as someone
mentioned in an internal list, IDEA provided some licenses for Ant
committers some months ago, so why not try others...). Here is the
answer I got:

> 3.  We would also be happy to provide free subscriptions to Apache 
> committers, but I need to be able to answer management's question on 
> how does that benefit MyEclipse.  Any suggestions on how to make the 
> case for it?

So, I'd like you to help me 'making a case for it'. A couple of reasons
I thought about were:

1.Many Apache projects are integrated with IDEs (like Maven, which can
generate Eclipse configuration from a project metadata). Committers for
these projects typically provide support only for the IDEs they have
access to.

2.Your company could be listed on some ASF pages, like
http://jakarta.apache.org/site/vendors.html (not sure if that really
applies, touch)

3.Typically, a committer is 'high-ranked' in his/her company, so if
he/she likes the IDE, chances are he/she will recommend it to the upper

4.Similarly, if a committer mentions such IDE in an ASF list, that's
going to be a good marketing for the thousand of people that read that

Also, we should make it explicitly that if they 'accept the case', it
doesn't imply that all committers will use the tool neither that they
will promote it if they don't like the IDE (or prefer another one).

So, any thoughts and/or more reasons?

-- Felipe

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