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From Tetsuya Kitahata <kitah...@terra-intl.com>
Subject Re: failure notice
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 16:07:55 GMT

Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Henri Yandell wrote:
> > * Be forgiving to the infrastructure volunteers. While the 'thank them for
> > all the stuff they are doing for us' can get tiring, the reality is that
> > the ASF seems to be growing in resources and yet Brian has not collapsed
> > from exhaustion.
> Well I nearly am, but that's unrelated to infra@, since the infrastructure 
> /team/ we have now is doing a very capable job keeping the lights on and 
> the warm water flowing.  I peek in from time to time, but credit now needs 
> to flow to a broader set of people.  Sending thanks over to 
> infrastructure@apache.org will always get moderated through, I'm sure!

Thanks brian. well said enough.

Of course I do always want to try to suggest *improvements*
of the apache servers. But, perhaps my mails would be moderated,
in a sense. -- often can not be reached to you -- perhaps.
-- Yes -- closed and moderated (BY UNKNOWNED) list.


Henri Yandell wrote:

> Your issue is over what is considered serious. Somewhere a line has to be
> drawn between information saturation (shall we ask them to forward all
> mail from infrastructure@apache? :)) and lack of information, and as the
> number of people who'll complain if it goes a little over is far noisier
> than the number who'll complain if it goes a little under, it seems
> natural that those of us in the minority will suffer a little.
> Moderators will be surprised as the amount of spam drops (I was anyway).
> People using OS/2 will have problems as <insert bug> happens. Non Latin-1
> char-set issues might occur.
> While this sucks for those having these occasional issues, the reality is
> that (in open-source or closed-source communities), if it's not someone's
> itch, they won't scratch it. The most we could ask for and expect to have
> happen is that the Infrastructure's PMC report was sent to committers (in
> an edited form as I suspect they have a much higher level of privacy than
> other PMC's require). This wouldn't help you as it would mainly be the
> stuff that has already been sent out, possibly with some additional stuff
> about new machines.
> So what solutions can be applied?
> *  My personal solution at the moment is to start recording Infra
> information that is important to Jakarta on the Jakarta Wiki. Who we
> should talk to get what done etc. Major changes can then be emailed out to
> the Jakarta community.
> Scratch a personal itch, and something may grow. At the very worst your
> personal itch gets scratched.

Of course I can guess the *burden*s of the moderators in *.apache.org
land. -- because I experienced the moderators of ***@*.apache.org
lists. (for experiment -- nice experiment it was!)

Well -- and I found a solution for reduce the spam mails
coming to *.apache.org lists . I believe it that brian's 
spamwatch is/was VERY nice and I could -- wanted to try to ENHANCE it.
(well -- icarus and minotaur era, IIRC)

I had an *VERY* itch to help you guys. But I do not have a karma
for apmail and root. This prevented me from doing the *appropriate*
infrastructural matters in apache.org.


I know it that what would be the (infrastructural) problem in
apache.org land. And my *native-language* is not English -- peculiar
language in apache land -- as is so called Japanese, multi-byted.

Simple -- my itch is -- * want to help GENIUS developers all over the
world *. Discussing infrastructural matter would be *perhaps* really
Rather --  I'd like to *design* ideal infrastructure for the genius guys
in order to give the full *play*s in the IT lands -- java, perl, c++,
tcl, xml.  -- Odd?


Tetsuya Kitahata --  Terra-International (Independent)
E-mail: kitahata@terra-intl.com  http://www.terra-intl.com/

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