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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject OASIS
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:09:42 GMT

Within the ASF we have a number of projects which deal with formats
and standards close to OASIS.

We've been approached by OASIS to see if it makes sense to join them. This
is a call out to Community to see if that makes sense.

There are a number of obstacles when working with OASIS (or the w3c for
that matter) compared to working with some of the other/normal standards
bodies such as the IETF.

Below are the obstacles to overcome/consider:

	->	Face 2 Face meetings and Telecons are important to them;
		as are forms of organisation bound voting alien to us.

		The ASF developers come from all walks of life; and while
		for some their ASF work is directly aligned with their normal
		jobs - for others it is not. Asynchronous email is crucial in
		allowing all to participate at times fitting; regardless of their
		timezone or other commitment. Hence any face to face travel,
		or significant teleconferencing requirements generally
		lower the quality of the ASF its participation.

	->	They have things like NDA and other agreements for
		their members, i.e. the ASF, which do not map onto
		the agreements the ASF has with its developers.

		We are a relatively open organisation; which makes
		it hard to adhere to NDA's or other embargo's as under
		normal operating procedures anyone can join any (mailing)
		list at any time; and their contributions are simply based
		on merit rather than as to wether they are a paying

	->	Any 'pay to play' is generally an issue for us on fundamental
		grounds. Even if a fee is waived - we generally insist that
		this is done not just for us - but for the entire open source,
		open standards and/or academic community at large.

But having said that - we've been able to resolve these issues in the
past with some other similar organisations.

So - community - do we see enough benefit to start this conversation with
Oasis ? Do we want to be close to some of their standards ?

I'll give this conversation a week or so to build up; and if not - will
send a polite msg to Oasis saying; thanks for the offer but not at this



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