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From Leo Simons <lsim...@jicarilla.org>
Subject Re: OASIS
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 00:09:47 GMT
Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> Within the ASF we have a number of projects which deal with formats
> and standards close to OASIS.

random examples: docbook, uddi, relax ng.

> We've been approached by OASIS to see if it makes sense to join them. This
> is a call out to Community to see if that makes sense.

Why does Oasis think it makes sense? Just because we implement some of 
their standards?

Do you think it makes sense in light of all the objections you raised? 
Can you elaborate?

> 	->	Any 'pay to play' is generally an issue for us on fundamental
> 		grounds.

exactly. Looking at the current oasis setup, it seems its also "pay more 
to play more", which I like even less. (This as opposed to an 
organisation like eclipse where its more "pay as you can probably afford 
because we really do need some money".)

> But having said that - we've been able to resolve these issues in the
> past with some other similar organisations.

right. I think most differences (like the preferred communication 
medium) are easy enough to resolve, as long as there is enough benefit.

> So - community - do we see enough benefit to start this conversation with
> Oasis?

Uhm, no. But so far no-one has even tried to show any benefits and I'm 
pretty ignorant so that's not very surprising :-D

> Do we want to be close to some of their standards ?

Me personally, nope.

Generally, I think it is good for organisations like the ASF to have a 
say about technological standards. I think the JCP opened up 
significantly thanks to the ASF and if that's an exercise that we can 
repeat without any detrimental effect to the ASF...sure. If there's 
enough volunteers. I'm not particularly interested in most of the OASIS 
standards myself.

from the peanut gallery,


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