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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: PRC [WAS Re: ASF Board Summary for June 23, 2004]
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:47:02 GMT
Er, let's step back here.  I view the PRC as being responsible for
policy, standards, meta-content that goes onto *.apache.org websites. 
infrastructure@ will still be responsible for actually running the
websites.  So, no, please do *not* post website patches to PRC lists! 
In particular, other than suggesting some policies for overall Apache
visibility on our websites, I expect individual PMCs to continue to
manage their own web presences, working with infrastructure to actually
keep the technical details up.

Also, we need various updates for the PRC, like updating membership
records, having a section on the website, and publishing to the ASF
community what our mailing lists are and which one is for which (hint:
we primarily rely on fundraising@ and press@ so far).

- Shane
Working both in the PRC and on the PRC

(oh, and did you mean 'federation' from the XML world?  No, we're not
changing that as far as I know 8-)
---- previous posts ----
> does this mean that the right place to post patches for the 
> website will change from infrastructure to PRC?

No (and I'm assuming that you mean "Foundation" when you say 

More than anything, it means that for the first time, someone is 
responsible for oversight of the www.apache.org website.  That someone 
is the PRC.

> what about the websites for projects and sub-projects: is there going

> to be any changes in the way that these are managed?

No. I don't see any changes in the day-to-day operation of *.apache.org

websites. But, for example, if the PRC were to spearhead a website 
redesign for the ASF, then all project websites would be (eventually) 
expected to conform to the new design.

- Shane

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