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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Single Location for syndicated Apache blogs
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 20:34:19 GMT
Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

> > In my opinion, some projects are spending too long in the
> > Incubator because they aren't focusing on getting out.

> Let us analyze why that is.

I cannot speak for why they don't focusing on exiting, Andrew, and neither
can you.  You might ask each project why they have  cleared whatever issues
they need to clear.  Each project is different: some have IP issues, some
have community issues, some may just be comfortable and haven't bothered to
finish doing their paperwork.

This is something that the Incubator PMC will likely take up this quarter
after we have finished our own re-documentation of Incubator processes to
reflect recent changes.

> > Endorsement by the ASF

> Great, I have a few more questions:

I'm sure you do.

> Do you think that to an Apache layman there is a great difference
> between a project legally protected and served from Apache servers
> and a "not in incubator" project with the same distinctions?

Incubation status is more of a caution to a user, or a redistributor, that
the project's IP is still being cleared up, or that its community may not be
stable enough to ensure the long term viability of the project within the
ASF.  And yes, I think that people do make a distinction when something is
stamped with the "Incubator brand."

Although we are not requiring projects created earlier to change their URLs,
new projects have their web sites under the incubator.apache.org domain.

> What effects does "pre-acceptance" have on the motivation to build a
> community?

Projects in the Incubator are not assured of acceptance.  What I have
observed is that if a proposed project has a diverse developer base
containing existing ASF Committers and going into an existing PMC then it is
likely to be able to check off the Community issues, and thus be prepared to
exit quickly.  As for any motivation to build a proper community, even
existing ASF projects should be continually invested in building their

> How does serving projects that we are not certain are clean legally, etc.
> from Apache servers and requiring CLAs from their committers and offering
> them some form of protection put the foundation at risk?  What benefits do
> we receive from accepting this risk?

As I said the last time a related question came up, only the Board can and
should speak authoritatively on the subject of legal protections.  So I'm
not going to engage in a hypothetical debate about the legal protection
afforded to projects in the Incubator.

The benefit we gain from incubation is growing the ASF while reducing risk
related to tainted code and unstable communities.

	--- Noel

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