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From Brian McCallister <mccallis...@forthillcompany.com>
Subject Re: Who decides who is 'worthy' for Planet Apache?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 15:43:02 GMT
The PMC for planet voted (Thom and Ted) and decided to remove it ;-)

Planet is a community aggregator, not a project status aggregator.  
Recall also, that planet isn't an apache project, it is Thom's pet  
project. There was a big fuss about making sure it wasn't able to be  
construed as official in any way shape or form (note the continued lack  
of a feather, etc).

To extend the community focus for evaluating project health: Apache can  
be considered to be made up of people, not projects. The people happen  
to work on projects together and those projects form a focus for  
communities. This runs counter to initial perceptions but is not a bad  
way of viewing it.


On Jan 22, 2004, at 10:26 AM, Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

> IIRTC (bottom): Thom May removed the Jakarta Gump entry stating "This  
> really
> is not what planet is about". Now Thom might be correct, it is an  
> opinion,
> but I don't recall a debate on the worthiness of Gump, nor on exactly
> what/whom Planet Apache is meant to be for.
> Is Planet Apache somehow about his travel experiences
> [http://blog.clearairturbulence.org/blog/life/funwithmaps.html] (not  
> bad,
> hardly Magellan ;), but not about the health of inter-relationships of
> Apache projects? Interesting. Sure, Gump is an automated feed, but is  
> it so
> inappropriate?
> So, now what? Do I just add it back, or what? Maybe Planet Apache  
> needs some
> PMC control...
> FWIIW: My observation is that Planet Apache is (at best) going to be  
> only a
> small percentage on Apache (even on OSS) topics, and it will be highly
> verbose, and with high noise content ... it is the nature of that sort  
> of
> simple aggregation. [I'd like to see some form of categories utilized,  
> so it
> could filter on stuff that said it was Apache related, but I don't see  
> that
> as likely, if even technically available across tools/feeds.] I see  
> Planet
> Apache (as it stands today) as a way to get a flavour of an author,  
> who has
> some association w/ Apache, to see if I wish to add them to my own
> aggregator or not. As such, I see no harm in Jakarta Gump  
> participating.
> Gump at least only ever talks about Apache stuff...
> regards,
> Adam
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>     This really is not what planet is about
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