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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <aj...@trysybase.com>
Subject Re: Who decides who is 'worthy' for Planet Apache?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 16:55:31 GMT

> The gump feed could hardly be called "microcontent". It was rather
> content spam.

Due to it's verbosity or it's boringness? Those are things I can accept (if
only I could apply them to some others ;-). Inappropriate content is
another. It seems a bit of a shame we've already started cutting sources

> Just when they removed it, I was thinking about a suggestion: write a
> small filter that would "compress" a whole RSS into just one RSS entry,
> for gump-like feeds. I do the suggestion now, for similar unbalances.

Personally, I think we are hitting a flaw in the medium/tooling. Some
authors (computer or human) are a bore (verbosity or content) and here we've
gone from "pull" (direct access to feed) to "push" (PlanetApache) --- which
makes bores really stand out more.

I'd like to think there was a middle ground between push and pull in this
space, but perhaps there isn't & can't be. I enjoy blogging for 'group
filtering' -- the shared experiences/interests of a community of
likeminded(ish) folks -- for seeing through anopther's eyes. For that you
take the noise (travel reports) [or call that 'colour'] for the gold (the
insights into world views.)

Perhaps the software on PlanetApache can have throttling, or 'ranking', and
one earns a position up top of page through community respect (links ala
google, or FOAF recommendations, or ...). The 'raw feed' page that is
PlanetApache is a jumble. [I've been looking for an OSS aggregator w/ such
intelligence, but not found one. Might be nice to work w/ folks to create

> OTOH, feel free to steal the code of Thom and Ted and organize your own
> "trueplanetapache", "constellationapache", whatever

Why on earth would I? It is far more interesting to explore this group
dynamic. Everybody has their own take on what this could be, what it should
be, and what is fun. I'm just trying to explore the boundaries.



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