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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Policy for Jakarta Wiki(s)
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 11:23:04 GMT
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El viernes, 12 dici, 2003, a las 11:25 Europe/Madrid, Nicola Ken 
Barozzi escribió:

> Santiago Gala wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> El miércoles, 10 dici, 2003, a las 19:30 Europe/Madrid, Andrew C. 
>> Oliver escribió:
>>> infrastructure????  My issue with the PMCization of Apache is that
>>> everything is moving to private lists.  How is this open???
> Bzzz. Wrong. Nothing is moving to private lists. Creation of more PMCs 
> and private lists are two extremely different things. Apache is in the 
> process of creating more PMCs, as was intended since the beginning, so 
> that community groups are responsible directly of the project without 
> useless beaurocratic levels of indirection.
> All discussions that are not extremely sensitive must happen on public 
> lists *as always*. If it doesn't happen, it should be rectified.

If we are in lots of private lists it will start happening that a 
percentage of the information will "fall" in those, instead of public 
ones, just because of laziness or to avoid moving threads.

>> Being out of all PMCs, I have been experiencing the same feelings. I 
>> suspect that we look more and more opaque from the outside, which I 
>> think is bad.
> If this is the case, it *is* bad. We must ensure that all discussions 
> happen on public lists unless it's evidently necessary, for several 
> reasons, that they remain private to PMCs.

You could be right. I glanced quickly (just size of compressed monthly 
archives, i.e. raw information value) of different private and public 
lists and I could not find any definitive trend or correlation. Some 
statistics on long term traffic on both private and public lists would 
be nice to have, as traffic is very bursty, and only statistical 
analysis can give us hints on actual volume of public vs private mail.

It could be *my* perception while I adapt to these changing times, 
having been appointed member and a lot of project activity in the last 

> Overmore, all long term committers should be on the PMC, which should 
> simply represent all the dev group.

And actively taking care to not use this list except for sensitive 

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