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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Community *thanks* and Community *responsibility*
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 01:09:55 GMT
Tetsuya Kitahata wrote:

> Hello!
> Now I am exploring about our brains. :-)
> left-side cerebral cortex (A) | right-side cerebral cortex (D)
> ------------------------------|-------------------------------
> left-side limbic system   (B) | right-side limbic system   (C)
> (A) can be expressed as "Calculation Brain"
> (B) can be expressed as "Organization/Planning Brain"
> (C) can be expressed as "Communication Brain"
> (D) can be expressed as "Innovation/Integration Brain"
> (A) is opposed to (C) as well as (B) is opposed to (D).
> The confrontation between (A) and (C) can be expressed as
> the difference of men/women. (Just a difference of the preference of
> thinking)
> (B) brain often takes "responsibilities" of local organization
> (and person). Also, (B) brain is highly related to "sectionalism",
> "bureaucratism".
> (Bureaucrats often create "trifling" works in order to maintain their
> *local* organizations and keep their prides ;-)
> On the other hand, (D) brain (as opposed to (B) brain) can also
> take responsibilities, however, they would be rather "global"
> responsibilites. I imagined these *responsibilities* can be highly
> associated with "community thanks".
> When I became Apache Software Foundation Committer, I felt strangeness
> of the messages "Thanks"/"Sorry" from some ASF members. I tried
> to confirm what makes them say such words in particular situations.
> Now, I do realize that this was "Community thanks"/"Community sorry".
> ( = These *thanks* messages are derived from the WILL of our community)
> Yes, I have come to realize and now feel these "Community Thanks/Sorry"s
> very comfortable. Also, I can proudly say that "Thanks, Apache". Maybe,
> this is one of the most important factors by which Apache attracts a lot
> of developers and users from all over the world.
> Also, as I've read the bylaws of the ASF, this bylaws seems to have
> affinity to these kinds of "Community Thanks/Sorry/Responsibility"
> ... really nice.
> ... What do you folks think?

What is this "community thanks/sorry" thing? and what does this have to 
do with the brain stucture you describe?

Excuse my evident stupidity but I don't get it.


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