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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@gbiv.com>
Subject Re: What is a member?
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 23:02:30 GMT
> Roy Fielding once mentioned that anyone with a history of at least 6 
> months of sustained contributions was entitled to ASF membership.

Not entitled -- deserving of nomination for membership.  It still has
to be voted on by all of the members, since we are effectively giving
that person an equal share of determining the future of the ASF.
I won't nominate someone who does not believe in collaborative
development, regardless of how long they have been working on their
own bits of ASF software.

That, BTW, is just my opinion.  I believe that we should have as many
active members as possible, since members have a more long-term view
of the foundation.  Others feel that members should be a fairly
cohesive group that likes to party together, since this should all
be fun.  Personally, I think that is what the projects should be,
since I don't find corporate stuff fun at all -- it is merely
necessary to allow others to have fun.

Some people have made comments to the effect that "Apache is no
longer fun any more."  Let me just say that much of the reason for
that is because they are now part of the core group, which means
they end up spending more time on corporate stuff and less time
doing the things that seem fun.  However, please understand that
Apache was designed for volunteerism -- when whatever you are doing
gets old and you'd like to start something new (or simply relax a
little bit more), understand that there will almost always be
someone willing and able to take over that task.  It won't be the
same without you, since every person breathes their own special
life into the things we do for Apache, but the developer guidelines
and, later, the foundation bylaws were designed to make it easy
and commendable for volunteers to take a break every once in a
while and enjoy other things in life, whether that be inside an
Apache project or simply at home.

If you aren't having fun, then choose what you'd like to do and
do that.  Of all the things I have done for Apache, what I am
most proud of is the fact that I can resign from the board and
feel confidant that the ASF will do just fine without me.
It means that I did my job well enough to deserve a little
time off, and that others have done well enough to deserve being
on the board.


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