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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: bogus subs to mailing lists (more?)
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 23:20:07 GMT

El jueves, 6 novi, 2003, a las 18:27 Europe/Madrid, Erik Abele escribió:

> On 06.11.2003, at 00:46, Santiago Gala wrote:
>> Actually, I am exploring the concept, I expected some expert to come 
>> out and say "Actually, project XYZ in sourceforge does a variant of 
>> this, only much better" :-)
> fwiw: there is a nice concept called Tripoli, see 
> http://www.pfir.org/tripoli-overview

Classified for reading until I finish a proposal ;-)

A nice scheme against spam, I read about some time ago, was about 
requiring the email sender to compute a computationally difficult 
challenge before the email was accepted, for uknown/untrusted senders, 
something that could take 1 sec CPU time for a reasonable processor. 
The idea was raising the cost of sending spam and putting it where it 
belongs. Trusted senders, like the ASF, for instance, would not be 
required to do it.

So, a spammer would have to pay like 1 TeraInstruction per message, and 
a reasonable PC would send no more than say 3000 spams per hour. This, 
BTW, would make desirable to send signed messages for bulk senders, 
since those would be much "cheaper" to send.


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