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From Joshua Slive <jos...@slive.ca>
Subject Re: Inappropriate use of announce@
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 02:41:20 GMT

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Tetsuya Kitahata wrote:

> Nope. I have to resign.

Well, thanks for your contribution Tetsuya.  I think it is a worthwhile
project, and I hope you reconsider or someone picks it up.

I do believe that there have been some people getting a little too picky
about "policies".  In general in the Apache world, and especially in the
case of the documentation, he who does the work should get to make the
decisions.  Suggesting that the newsletter be distributed in a particular
format is perfectly acceptable.  Insisting on it goes too far, unless
there is a serious infrastructure concern.

(Actually, I do agree that it would be better to simply send the link by
email.  But if Tetsuya thinks it is important to send the whole thing, I
see no problem in letting him make that decision.)


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