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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject [FYI] Apache Agora 1.2
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 20:42:54 GMT
It's with great pleasure that I announce the availability of Apache 
Agora 1.2.

Find it over at


[NOTE: the location has changed since last version!]

Unlike previous versions where dataclouds were generated by a script 
and simply visualized by the application, with this new version, you 
can play interactively not only with the graph, but changing it 
directly from the application.

In the above location you find an instance of agora running as an 
applet (NOTE: you need Java 1.2 or above to see it!) and connecting to 
the Apache mail archives hosted on Nagoya.

Agora runs a preprocessing scripts over the entire eyebrowse archives 
every Sunday morning (Pacific time) understanding which mbox files were 
modified and reprocessing only those who need reprocessing.

You can also download a distribution to run the visualizer and the 
script locally on your own MBOX files. See the README.txt file included 
in the distribution for more info on how to do this.

The changes since version 1.1 are:

o) Added the ability to zoom into the graphs by right-clicking
    (or control-clicking for single-button mice) and show the labels
    of the nodes closeby (they are drawn radially from the mouse
    location to reduce label overlap).

o) Moved the datacloud aggregation and processing into the application.
    This allows a nicer usability of the tool so that users can create
    dataclouds on the fly using preprocessed mailbox information
    that can be published on the web.

o) Added the ability to introduce time-based "link decay" which
    simulates the fact that the importance of a reply decays with

o) Modified the mailbox processing scripts to produce message data
    instead of dataclouds. Message data is fetched by the application
    to produce the datacloud according to the selection of the processed
    message archives that the user selects.

o) Improved the overall prettyness of the drawing by extensive use of 
    functions like rounded rectangles and transparency. The overall 
    performance has been reduced, but there is the ability to turn off 
    of the drawing to improve performance.

o) Introduction of a "grouping" capabilities that draws circles around 
    nodes that participated in a particular community. This allows better
    identification of the 'node clusters' which belong to different 

                                      - o -

Agora will be presented in detail at my "Virtual Community Dynamics" at 
ApacheCON 2003

As usual, feedback, is very welcome.

Happy playing! :-)


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