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From da...@jetnet.co.uk
Subject Re: [RT] About Tetsuya decision....
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 07:02:42 GMT
> 1. Creation of the newsletter@apache.org which is an aimed mailinglist
> for the readers of the apache newsletter. --  issued bi-monthly (This
> should depend upon the Editors' decisions, however)
> 2. When "The Apache Newsletter Issue #X" released (on the web),
> the Editor can post to announce@apache.org about the "release"
> of the newsletter. This would be expected to contain the brief
> headlines of the newsletter. (As Noel mentioned)
> 3. The Editor would be expected to post to newsletter@apache.org
> "a few days after" the announcement at announce@apache.org
> 4. (OPTIONAL) There are many Java Developers who want to catch
> up with what is going on @ apache, so editor would be expected
> to post to announcements@jakarta.apache.org about the release
> of the newsletter as well (#2).

The ASF mainly creates software that is aimed at "web" markets. Email is a
very useful tool that we employ a lot, to great benefit. I'd question
whether we actually need the newsletter@ mailing list. Surely the correct
place for the newsletter is on the apache.org site, with links being
posted to all relelvant places, including
- the announce@ mailing list
- front page of apache.org
- slashdot
Basically I se the job as "editor" of the newsletter as being the person
who does what you've been doing, soliciting content, compiling the
newsletter and then making it available, exactly as you've been doing!
That said, I see no reason why the full content should need to be posted
via email, though if people *really* want to get 37k emails then we can
make that available. The newsletter, IMHO, should be a web based project
(which seems 100% in keeping with the ASF) and the way it's announced
should reflect this.

It's worth pausing to consider that this whole episode has become blown
out of all proportion. The newsletter is a tool, one of the many that can
prove useful in uniting the community.

It's sad that you feel your efforts have been ignored or critisised - they
haven't been - but being a member of a community is not only about giving,
it's also about taking. When the discussion of announcing the newsletter
was held last time (on this very list) the community may have reasonably
expected that you (as a member of that community) would have listened and
reacted to the sentiments expressed.

We're not all native english speakers, nor do we all come from the same
cultural background. This gives our community a great range and breadth,
but it also means that we all have to work at making the community work.
There will inevitably be "bumps" in the road - how we react, learn and
grow from them is what's ultimately important.

You say you want to step down as editor of the newsletter - well I'd
suggest that you step back, take a few days off and then reconsider. We're
all guilty of giving 110% of ourselves to the ASF on a regular basis and
at times we sacrifice too much of our sanity, sleep and self to it. After
such a period it's easy to over react and take things out of proportion,
so please take a few days and reconsider.


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