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From "Antonio Gallardo" <anto...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Inappropriate use of announce@
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 00:00:37 GMT
Hi Tetsuya!

Many people is very interested and apreciate your effort in creating a
kind of "glue" for all the projects under the Apache umbrella. Here
include me too, for sure!

Tetsuya Kitahata dijo:
> Nope. I have to resign. The difference of the e-mail culture.

Hmm.... I can't believe that. :(

I think we are here to learn too. :-D

> We, Japanese, do not complain about the volume of the
> mails (especially when they are useful and informative)
> and I am accustomed to that culture.

I think many of us have the same culture as you (look that I am not
Japanese!), and we really appreciate what you did. But as was pointed
above we are here to learn too. I am glad of this part as a member of the

So, I think here is an important lesson to learn here:

What about to send inside the newsletter mail just the most important
headlines of the newsletter in a short mail with the link to the full
text, that way everybody will read what he really think is important for

We cannot asumme everybody is interested in every topic of the newsletter.
This is normal, not everybody is involved in every project in the ASF.
Think a little how we read a newspaper:

We don't like to read every word of the newspaper, for this reasons the
newspaper is separated in sections. We read the name of a section, if we
are interested in the section, then we read the headlines in the section
and if we are really interested in the news at all, then we read every
word of the news. Is this correct?

So this kind of "order" is what (I think) was requested in the last mail.
It was not to attack or destroy your good effort. It just will help to
"save" time by allowing people to choose the right news to be read. Also
it will save AS bandwith! :)

> Someone like me (who have such a mind) should not have become
> the editor of that newsletter. There could be often friction
> and it will cause the "balkanization" of the e-mail culture.

Please don't be negative. As I pointed above we really apreciate your
effort and I think is very important for the ASF at all. I will be glad if
you really go back to work, do another try and improve the overall
newletter. I am sure this will be a success. Please do a try. :-D

Note, there was nothing like this newsletter before in the ASF. So, as
usual, start a new project is the most dificult and you are doing that
right now. So let people comment about how you are doing and receive the
critict in a constructive way. OK? :-D

> The original intention of the newsletter was
> "Newsletter will be one of the *glue* of the communities in the ASF
> umbrella, beyond the artificial boundaries of technical languages etc.
> Hope this can gradually lead the good course of the ASF, avoiding the
> balkanization of each projects and keep the hand tightly with various
> projects.": cooperative collaboration space for all the contributors.

Yep. This is very important and the idea is great, please continue the work!

> ... It seems that the newsletter itself is going to the contrary.

Never mind this is not true!

We really apreciate your work. But some critics are good to, please take
them in the good sense. I think we are here to learn too. This is not bad
at all. We need to enjoy it. ;-)

> Very sad.
> I am willing to resign.

I can not believe you are giving up too soon. :(

I though you are a good player. Good players stay to the end of the game
and this game is just beginning! So stay in your position and play as best
as you can! :-D

Seriuosly, for the good of all the comunity, please reconsider your resign!

> Thanks you for reading.

Thans to you too.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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