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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tets...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Information channels, Re: Inappropriate use of announce@
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:57:19 GMT

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 17:13:35 +0200
(Subject: Re: Information channels, Re: Inappropriate use of announce@)
Nicola Ken Barozzi <nicolaken@apache.org> wrote:

> I recently read that the smaller an issue is, the bigger a discussion it 
> gets, as everyone has something to say.
> This issue must be pretty trivial then.
> In any case, who decides? What is the PMC or "something" overlooking 
> these things, that can give a reasonable decision and stop all this 
> nonsense?

There have been some concerns on this, already.
(When I requested a karma for "site" module)


<<Conversation by the Board Members>>

A> Well, there is one little problem.  Which PMC is going to provide
A> the oversight for this one?  Since it is an Apache wide newsletter
A> it seems that the only real entity that qualifies is the board.

B> +1 for board scooping up these 'exceptions'. Our members 'want this'.

C> Theoretically we should have an Apache-wide documentation PMC
C> (which would include the i18n issues, BTW), but for now our stated
C> policy is that any committer who requests site karma is welcome to it.


However, I found that the "Apache Newsletter" item
at the left-side navi of www.apache.org has moved
from "Foundation" to "Get Involved" (Also, renamed
from "Apache Newsletter" to "Newsletter". Anyone can
find out who did this, via the logs of site-cvs@) section,
very recently.

Theoretically, "announce@" should be used by the Apache
Software Foundation (by the members of ASF). Apache
Newsletter Issue #1 and #2 were the "exceptions" of it.

So, I felt hesitation in describing
"Issuer: The Apache Software Foundation"
at that newsletter, to tell the truth. 
(because I am not a member, stakeholder of the ASF)
... A sort of uneasiness ...


Anyway, I still have such an uneasiness, anxietiy. In such a
situation, I thought that it was high time for me to declare
the resignation and to pass a baton to someone.

In our country, "Resignation of one's post" can be
counted as a virtue of modesty (This is what the western 
people find it hard to understand our country, as a matter of fact)
Yes, I knew that I was against the proverb of
"A bird does not foul the nest that it is about to leave."
, though :-)

Thank you,

-- Tetsuya. (tetsuya@apache.org)

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