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From Lars Eilebrecht <l...@hyperreal.org>
Subject Re: Inappropriate use of announce@
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 09:35:14 GMT
According to Stefano Mazzocchi:

> I *DO* agree that it is, IMO, better to use Noel's suggestion and send 
> a short reminder of the newsletter with a link to the web site. I agree 
> with Justin as well, nobody likes to read long emails, expecially when 
> you didn't ask for them.

Well, I tend to agree, but for a newsletter it is IMHO not
uncommon to post the actual content. I'm receiving various
newsletters and all do send the actual newletter and not just
a link to it. Personally I prefer having the actual content
(of a newsletter or whatever it is) in my mailbox ... I'm traveling
every now and then, and a link to an external resource is not very helpful
if you are sitting on plane going through your backlog of email ...

I've been the one who approved the posting to announce list,
because I thought we decided that the content is appropriate
for the list (IMHO there is less point in creating newsletter@apache.org
for just a single posting every two month) and most importantly,
because this issue of the newsletter contained some info on
ApacheCon and that only 2-3 days are left for early-bird

> Tetsuia, I apologize. I found this rude and unrespectful. I strongly 
> hope that you reconsider your decision, but, if not, you have my full 
> respect and understanding.

I couldn't agree more.

Lars Eilebrecht                  - He who knows, does not speak.
lars@hyperreal.org          - He who speaks, does not know. (Lao Tsu)

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