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From Sally Khudairi <sallykhuda...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Did you know? Interesting Stuff around ApacheCon
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 00:28:31 GMT
Shane, never -- don't even joke about it -- "shut up".

You're doing a fantastic job and we appreciate all
your efforts, as well as everyone who is helping
spread the word as well as rolling up their sleeves to
help us out.

Folks, Shane is right: we're all-volunteer and could
use your help in any way possible. Let's make
ApacheCon even better than it already is!

Per below, we still need help with COMDEX-Apache
liaison. If you haven't contacted me yet, please do
so. Thanks!

See you in Las Vegas :-D

- Sally

--- Shane Curcuru <shane_curcuru@yahoo.com> wrote:
> As often happens with an all-volunteer organization,
> there's a lot of nifty 
> stuff happening around ApacheCon, although it's not
> always obvious where to 
> find out about it.
> Did you know that you can still get an Early Bird
> DISCOUNT to the 'con as 
> long as you register by October 19th?
> Along with the published Sessions at the con, there
> are other events 
> happening too!
> Did you know you can attend parts of Comdex for free
> with your ApacheCon 
> badge?  And that the ASF needs volunteers to staff a
> booth at the Comdex 
> Open Source & Linux track? To volunteer to staff a
> booth, contact Sally at 
> <mailto:sk@apache.org>
> See Comdex details 
> at: 
> Did you know that we're scheduling the first
> ApacheCon Lightning 
> Talks?  "If you can't say it in 5 minutes, it's
> probably not worth 
> saying."  To sign up to say something useful (but
> brief - there will be a 5 
> minute timer) contact Rich at
> <mailto:apache-lightning@rcbowen.com>
> Did you know that we're organizing a PGP/GPG key
> signing event?  If you 
> want to see how the 'web of trust' of Apache
> committers is built, stay 
> tuned for the timing details, and check out the CVS
> module 'committers' and 
> read the file docs/pgp-key-signing.txt
> Did you know that the Alexis Park Hotel has a pretty
> good discounted rate 
> if you mention the 'con?  And that it is expected to
> sell out (other people 
> stay there too) so you'd better get your
> reservations now.
> Oh, and of course, all the details of ApacheCon are
> laid out here: 
> http://www.apachecon.com/2003/US/index.html
> - Shane,
> Not an AC planner, just playing one on the Internet.
> P.S. If one of the *real* superheroes who is an AC
> planner wants me to shut 
> up now, just let me know.  ;-)
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