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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@collab.net>
Subject RE: announce@apache.org, was Re: Newsletter.
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 23:26:18 GMT
On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > >   (b) subscribe each announce@tlp.apache.org to announce@apache.org
> > Whoa whoa whoa.  b) is backwards - from the other discussions on this, you
> > wanted to subscribe announce@apache.org to each announce@$tlp.apache.org,
> > not the other way around.
> I think you're saying what I meant.  announce@apache.org is the recipient.

OK.  My concerns about one list trying to deliver to another remain.  I
still am not sure it's wise to automate that.  For example, just today I
found that the announce@ws.apache.org list was configured to allow anyone
to post to it (accidentally of course), but 6 spam messages had gotten to
it, and it's never been officially used.  I say this not to pick on that
list or community, but to point out the law of unintended consequences.

> You mentioned a weekly compilation; can the list be configured to send out a
> weekly digest for those who want the digest form?

Yep, by enabling the -d option on the list.... which is now done.
Actually, technically, it sends a digest out whenever there is some
threshold passed since the last time a message was passwd:

       -d   Digest.  ezmlm-make will set up the local-digest@host
            digest  list  to  disseminate digest of the list mes-
            sages. By default, this is done when 30 messages,  48
            hours, or 64 kbytes of message body text have accumu-
            lated since the last digest. Use  the  -4  switch  to
            override  these  defaults.  See  ezmlm-tstdig(1)  and
            ezmlm-get(1) for more info.

I've modified this to be 168 hours, i.e. a week, unless there are 30
messages or 64kb before that point.


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