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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tets...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Newsletter.
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 14:10:57 GMT


Now, I published the first newsletter and I felt as if a load had
been taken off my shoulders. So, I can write what I wanted to say.
(If I jumped into the conversation occurred here in the early
this month, this first newsletter would *never* be published,
my character taken into consideration)

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 13:38:49 +0100
(Subject: Newsletter.)
Thom May <thommay@apache.org> wrote:

> Some points:
> overall, the style and informational content is excellent; good job!

Thank you.

> I *still* don't think that announce@ is an appropriate list.
> news@apache.org would seem to me to be the most appropriate address,
> and if people agree I will set up the list ASAP.

As I worried, I could not hear from HTTP Server Project, PHP, etc.
at last. Sure, if we can not hear any news from HTTP Server, PHP
in the future, news@apache.org or whatever would seem to me to be
the most appropriate address, i am sure.
I made frantic efforts to gather the news from various projects
this time.
Gicen only Java-XML scope, it will lighten the load of the editors 
and efficient, i know. Going against the time is one of attractive
choice for me.

Also, I noticed that 
  announce@apache.org : 7400 subscribers
  announcements@jakarta.apache.org : 5200 subscribers
  general@jakarta.apache.org : 750 subscribers
  community@apache.org : 150 subscribers
  (approximately)   ... <digression>geronimo: over 600 </digression>

... This fact means that 
announce@apache.org [1] is for the HTTP Server user (mainly):
announcements@jakarta.apache.org [2] is for the jakarta/xml user.
, I guessed.

In this situation, probably using announce@apache.org
is not a good idea. I know that java-minded guys join to
[2] and tend not to [1].

I am rather "marketer". I want to do the "efficient" marketing,
I mean, evangelize the developers' effort efficiently to the
end users promptly and appropriately.
If I found that the announce@apache.org is not a good idea,
I would be willing to change my style and way.


I want to hear your all suggestions.

(To tell the truth, what i wanted to do the most was
publishing *xml/ws/java* scope newsletter, especially XML)

Could you please, please tell me how I can evangelize the
developers' effort efficiently to the end users.
I thought announce@ *is* the suitable place for this,
but maybe it was not.


> I wasn't terribly impressed by the amount of advertising that went on - the
> fact that terra-intl.com was pimped at least thrice left a very sour taste
> in my mouth. The newsletter is about apache, it should be impersonal and
> written in a professional manner.
> I'm sorry if this comes across rude - I don't want to demean anyone's
> efforts but I do have some concerns that I would like to see addressed.
> Cheers
> -Thom

-- Tetsuya Kitahata (tetsuya@apache.org)

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