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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tets...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [l10n] localisation infrastructure
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 05:08:42 GMT
Noel, All
(This is cross-posted to community@ and site-dev@james .. sorry)

Well, as far as james website translation (to japanese) is concerned,
I think it gives us at least a  *light* upon the consideration of the

Please give me more time.


-- Tetsuya (tetsuya@apache.org) --  AIM# tkitahata


On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:48:34 -0400
(Subject: RE: [l10n] localisation infrastructure (was Re: [i18n] Internationalization project))
"Noel J. Bergman" <noel@devtech.com> wrote:

> > I set up the translated mirror site in my company's host
> > (jakarta.terra-intl.com), but if there is *completely
> > consistent infrastracture* in apache.org, I am willing
> > to put the contents on it.
> You are asking, I believe, about support for MultiViews.  For any given
> page, P, there could be P.<language>, e.g., index.html.en, index.html.jp,
> etc.
> Translation would be very much a cross-ASF project that would influence
> other projects, but it wouldn't "own" much.  For example, many ASF sites use
> xdocs.  Tools like Anakia, Forrest, and Maven are used to generate the final
> output.  It seems to me that with respect to web site publishing, you want
> to promote a use standard such that for all P.xml, currently in English,
> there should be P.xml.<language>.  Our site publishing tools and scripts
> should then build all of the html pages in the various available languages.
> That's the $0.02 version.  Details would need to be worked out.
> > I imagined how wonderful it would be to set up maling lists
> > of (non-technical)language-specific mailing list in apache.org??
> > i18n/l10n ASF TLP can cover mentioned above i imagined.
> I think that there seems to be agreement on a mailing list.  It is when you
> talk about it as a TLP that you encounter obstacles.
> I am not a lawyer, but I'll try to explain to the best of my understanding.
> A TLP has a particular legal role within the ASF.  The TLP is provides
> oversight over ASF property, which ties into the legal authority by which
> ASF is able to protect individual contributors in the event of a lawsuit.  I
> think that many people think of the TLP as an honor earned, and aren't aware
> of the legal ramifications.
> In any event, based upon the preceding, I think you will see that while
> localization should be an ASF-wide effort, it isn't a TLP.  For each web
> site (let's consider localizing applications separately), there would have
> to be some tweaking of the site building process, and there would need to be
> parallel sets of pages maintained as the site evolved, but the TLP
> responsible is the site's TLP, e.g., the Jakarta TLP, the James TLP, etc.
> You might have policies, procedures, best practices, etc., but those
> documents could go into an existing repository of shared documents.
> Likewise, localizing applications would involve some code change and
> localization resources, and those, too, would belong to that application's
> TLP.  *IF* there were some shared code developed for application
> localization, then it might go into Apache Commons if there weren't a better
> place.  But that's a bridge to cross when it happens.  [And, yes, "Commons
> will be language-agnostic" refers to programming language]
> I suggest that external documentation, such as the web sites, represents the
> easiest initial target for translation efforts.  It requires no code change
> to the applications, relatively little involvement from developers, and has
> a visible impact.
> If there are no objections from the infrastructure team, if you wanted to
> come over to site-dev@james.apache.org, I'm sure that we'd be happy to talk
> to you about seeing if the content from http://james.terra-intl.com/ could
> be integrated into the James site using MultiViews.
> A couple of issues that come to mind from what I see of the Jakarta and
> James translations are: (a) keeping translations up-to-date, and (b)
> ensuring that translations say what they are supposed to say.
> 	--- Noel
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Tetsuya Kitahata --  Terra-International, Inc.
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