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From Thom May <t...@debian.org>
Subject Re: Jakarta Newsletter Issue 9 -- May-June 2003
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:07:12 GMT
* David N. Welton (davidw@dedasys.com) wrote :
> Ceki G?lc? <ceki@qos.ch> writes:
> > Sending a Java related email on announce@apache.org may breach the
> > possibly implicit contract between the list and its subscribers.
> > However, that seems more like a moral question rather than a
> > technical one, in the sense of increased volume.  It is hard to
> > imagine anyone being upset because of an extra message per month.
> I don't care much for Java either, but on the other hand, I would like
> to find a compromise that
> 1) Lets me keep abreast of major developments/interesting things in
>    other apache projects.
> 2) Doesn't require me to subscribe to another 343432 mailing lists.
> Some sort of compromise of this type would hopefully do a bit towards
> "cross-pollination" efforts, which I presume are something we value?
> Maybe what is needed is an editor for an 'ASF news' mail which lists
> the month's highlights.  Not volunteering, sorry!
Why the obsession with email?
We have a (pretty good ;-) ) webserver. Why don't we have a web page?
www.apache.org/news/monthly or something.
http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/ by way of prior art.
Update that page, and send the letter to a *dedicated* list if so desired.
Judoing a non-related list into handling this is not the right approach.


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