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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject Re: Jakarta Newsletter Issue 9 -- May-June 2003
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 21:21:44 GMT

> one of the consequences of encouraging the breaking up of jakarta is
> that there are a lot more apache projects (whether they started in
> if we do manage to get some momentum for an apache-wide newsletter, would

Please please !

I think that none of us works in a vacuum across artificial boundaries.
Virtually all systems I build at work or for play, mix and match things; a
bit of XML here, some application language there, perhaps some java left,
somea bit of apache to connect it safely to the internet; some PDF
generation to keep PHB's happy, etc, etc.

XML, web and java are rarely separated; WS and ant straddle half our world
- t is hard to think of any app server environment whilst ignoring bits of
php or mod_perl, etc, etc

So an apache-wide newsletter would be great. And posting it to apache wide
announce, or even xposting it to all announce mailing list - sure. I'd
love that. Having it on the web is nice for archival too - but I certainly
do not mind 5-25k of well written quality newsletter (like the recent one,
or like apache week) delivered to my doorstep.

Keep up the good work - and think broad - there are no real boundaries in
the ASF, except for those we invent ourselves.


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