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From "David Reid" <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: [i18n] Internationalization project
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 17:12:34 GMT
> i18n isn't a code project.  It isn't even an documentation project.
> In fact, there doesn't even seem to be any reason for it to be a
> project.
> Why would incubator have anything to do with it?

You'll forgive me is I find that a somewhat shallower attitude than I may
have expected :(

> I wasn't present for your conversation, but I am not at all surprised
> by the result.
> Personally, I think that creating a project that consists of people that
> want to work on other projects is a bit weird.  Why don't you just ask
> for a mailing list?  The actual commits will have to be made by the
> specific projects, not by an uber-i18n-committee, so project formation
> doesn't make any sense.
> An ASF project exists as an organizational mechanism for releasing
> software
> that might otherwise get people sued as individuals.  It does not exist
> for the sake of replacing USENET news or community mailing lists.

Fair enough. So basically if you have an innovative idea/concept don't
bother calling the ASF?


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