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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Clover licenses
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:56:18 GMT
Good morning all,
The HttpClient team are looking to start using the clover test coverage 
reporting tool to analyze and monitor our test cases.  Clover is a 
commercial product which provides free licenses to open source projects 
upon request (and obviously at their discretion).

Currently there is some uncertainty about the best way to request a 
license for an apache project.  The options seem to be (but are 
certainly not limited to):

1. A committer on a project requests a license specifically for that 

2. A request is sent to the PMC for them to request a license 
specifically for a project.

3. The jakarta project as a whole (through it's PMC) requests a license 
for the entire jakarta project so any jakarta sub-project could then 
use clover.

4. Apache requests a license as a whole (through the board?) so any 
apache project could use clover.

Now, since The Cortex (who make clover) generally want to issue 
licenses for a specific project they may not agree to option 3 or 4 at 
all, however I don't believe anyone has actually asked them about it 
yet either.

Further information on clover can be found at:


There is a licensing link on the side bar.

Also, bear in mind that I haven't taken this to the Jakarta PMC as yet 
mostly due to the presence of option 4 above.  I'm happy to have the 
question redirected to the Jakarta PMC specifically if that's deemed 
the most appropriate course of action.


Adrian Sutton.

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