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From Jeff Turner <je...@apache.org>
Subject Re: The cash of our lives / Dvorak
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:05:45 GMT
On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 12:00:45PM +0100, Danny Angus wrote:
> > As for CVS logs, they are rather ephemeral things in my experience.
> > Whenever a file is renamed/repackaged, the history is lost.  Sometimes
> > CVS modules are re-imported (as with Avalon, and xml-cocoon ->
> > cocoon-2.1) and everything is lost.
> This isn't necessary, it is possible to keep histories for move and
> name refactored files.

Yes, and isn't it fun.

C:\> ssh xyz@icarus.apache.org

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FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE (turbo) #0: Sun Jun  1 12:54:01 PDT 2003

Welcome to FreeBSD!

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bash-2.04$ dir
bash: dir: command not found
bash-2.04$ c:
bash: c:: command not found
bash-2.04$ hlep
bash: hlep: command not found
bash-2.04$ help
bash-2.04$ cd /home/cvs
bash-2.04$ ls
bash-2.04$ cd jakarta-flibble/src/java/org/apache/flibble
bash-2.04$ copy Frobnicator.java ReFrobnicator.java
bash: copy: command not found
bash-2.04$ cp Frobnicator.java ReFronbicator.jav
bash-2.04$ ^H^H^H^C
bash-2.04$ cp Frobnicator.java ReFrobnicator.java
bash-2.04$ rm Fronbicca*.*
rm: ReFronbicca*: No such file or directory
bash-2.04$ rm Frob* *
bash-2.04$ ^H^H
bash-2.04$ ls
bash-2.04$ undo
bash: undo: command not found
bash-2.04$ undelete
bash: undelete: command not found
bash-2.04$ hlep undo
bash: hlep: command not found


> d.

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