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From Glen Stampoultzis <gst...@iinet.net.au>
Subject Re: apache.org vs. mozilla.org
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2003 14:26:28 GMT
At 11:15 PM 5/04/2003, you wrote:
>Now, I'm asking: what if the ASF provides its own news server that wraps
>around all our current mail lists setup and make them available to all
>news-archiving services and news-reading clients?
>Of course, it should be transparent and allow to redirect back a
>newsgroup post to the mail list, which will then be handled by the ezmlm
>manager, like done today.
>So, you get the best of both worlds.
>I really think this is the only thing we can learn from the mozilla.org
>community so far. But it might be a good thing.
>What do you think?

If you still have access to the mailing lists it would be okay.  One 
important point to consider is that not everyone can get access to 
newsgroups through their corporate firewall.



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