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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: news.apache.org (was: apache.org vs. mozilla.org)
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2003 00:42:17 GMT
on 4/6/03 12:17 AM Danny Angus wrote:

>>Two problems I'd have with switching to NNTP exclusively:
> I would hope that this discussion is about augmenting the listservers by providing NNTP
as an alternative means of access, not a replacement.

Yes, people, do not worry: the discussion is about *augmenting*, not
about replacing anything.

In fact, ezmlm *WILL* remain as it is. I never even thought about
changing it for a second!

NNTP can provide a *wrapper* on top of our SMTP-based infrastructure so
that people can choose their favorite use to access the meat and
messages are *NEVER* removed.

Personally, I would probably keep using email for the mail list I mostly
follow, but then use news for the lists I just lurk sometimes. So that i
don't have to keep myself subscribed to them *AND* I get a nicer client
than a web interface to browse them (an awesome web-based mail archive
browsing SUCK ASS compared to any decent news client!)

If there is consensus about this, we can move it over to infrastructure.

So, summing up, is anybody against running


which *wraps* (NOT REPLACE!) the current SMTP-based infrastructure?

This will also work as a permanent archive and will probably be picked
up by google groups to provide nice mail searching (that we could also
hook into our project web pages directly!)



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