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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: apache.org vs. mozilla.org
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2003 18:14:26 GMT
on 4/5/03 4:22 PM Glen Stampoultzis wrote:

> At 11:15 PM 5/04/2003, you wrote:
>>Recently, I've started to dive into mozilla with a developer eye. *very
>>slowly* since my c++ skills are almost non-existant (and my c skills
>>are, hmmmm, rusted and ruined by the java garbage collector :-)
>>Anyway, the cultural differences between their style of development and
>>ours are striking.
> Have you talked to them about this.  

No, and this is exactly the point: I don't know who to send it to! post
it on their 'general mail list' seems a bit ackward. Posting it to their
'board-equivalent' too much high.

they don't have community@apache.org or members@apache.org ! they just
have newsgroups for users and everything that happens behind the scenes.

Sure this might well appear the same about the ASF from the outside, but
I found myself with no reference.

Any suggestion?

> The comparison could be very interesting/useful to them.

I would love to see mozilla.org and apache.org crosspollinating more. It
 can only be useful for the web. Leading web Server and web Client open
development communities unite to keep the web open! That would make a
great story, wouldn't it? :-)

But, IMO, this shouldn't happen *from the top*, but from the bottom.

Too bad that their skills/programming-languages are almost orthogonal to
the ASF's ones. :-/

We host just two C++ projects and all of them have been donated and are
maintained mainly by corporate sponsorship (and would probably die in a
few seconds if they stopped supporting them)

Actually, the bigger overlap between the ASF and mozilla.org (despite
the dependency on HTTP, of course) is done by, guess what?, Cocoon which
is actively using Rhino as the engine for its continuation-based web
application framework.

Too bad rhino is a satellite of the mozilla.org world since java counts
almost nothing there (and for a reason, I would add), in fact, it's
rhino that doesn't really fit to mozilla.org, IMO.

Anyway, I'm very interested in both Minotaur (the factored out mail
client, which indeed rocks even at 0.1a state!) and Midas (the
iframe-based inline editing component). I'm seriously thinking about
working to add serious contentEditable="" operativity to mozilla and
this will require pretty hard work inside the trunk.

I might eventually be able to get commit access in order to maintain it
and that would be pretty cool.

but all this depends on many variables about my workign future so don't
hold your breath or take this as a promise :-)


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