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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Sun and the JCP 2.5
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 23:50:53 GMT
> We've been through this before.  The list is has no Sun employees on 
> it.  It has only Apache members.  They make decisions on behalf of the 
> ASF.  You can choose to no longer be a member of the ASF.  You can 
> choose not to participate.  At the moment, you have chosen the former 
> and not the latter.

Sam, I've gotten rather disappointed with your tactics of late.  I 
choose to take part in the ASF and its decision making processes.  I 
choose not to have information that would limit my financial viability 
via making me party to a Non Disclosure Agreement.

I'd like to avoid a situations such as say someone posts some NDA'd spec 
for a VM as part of some JSR you're working on and I then go and start 
working on Mono and Sun takes my house for "disclosing"..  (possibly 
without me even reading it)

I wanted to raise a legitimate question (thanks to Roy for a USEFUL 
answer) and from you I keep hearing "it puts the lotion in the bucket or 
it gets the hose"...

I think an open JCP list where no NDA material is permitted would be 
entirely appropriate.


>> -Andy
> - Sam Ruby
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