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From David Sitsky <s...@users.sourceforge.net>
Subject Code reviewing
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 11:23:18 GMT

I realise this is an email from left-field, and feel free to ignore it if you
have no time.

I am the author of a free tool called Codestriker, which is essentially a
web-based code reviewing tool, that takes as input a "cvs diff -u" text (or a
patch),  parses it, and provides links for comments on a per-line basis, and
links to view a file before the change was applied, and links containing all
of the changes applied (when linked to CVS).

There are also extra links to things like Bugzilla and LXR to aid in the
reviewing process.  All review comments are stored in a database for
prosperity, but are also emailed to the relevant parties.

I suspect this may be useful for the development of Apache projects (which I
am a huge fan of), where a lot of code needs to be reviewed from third-party
submissions.  Codestriker, from my experience, provides higher-quality
reviews than what is done via email.

If you have any questions/comments, please let me know.  You can see some
example screens at:  http://codestriker.sourceforge.net.

If you feel Codestriker is laking in some feature, I am more than happy to
meet the gap.


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