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From Pete Kazmier <p...@kazmier.com>
Subject Re: [proposal] daedalus jar repository
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 02:00:25 GMT
>>>>> Craig R McClanahan writes:

> Wouldn't a reasonable approach to this problem be to make searches
> for "commons-foo.jar" return the latest released version, while
> searches for "commons-foo-x.y.jar" would return that particular
> version? Then, you can have it either way.  On the former, one might
> also support a mode that grabs the latest nightly instead of the
> latest reslease.

I'd prefer to be explicit to avoid any possible confusion, but I also
see the need to grab the latest released versions of a jar.  With that
said, how about doing something along the lines that we've done in
Maven.  We indicate that we want to use the latest version of a jar by
using "SNAPSHOT" as the version identifier.  Of course, this
identifies only the most recent jar (usually a dev release); however,
there is no reason why another identifier could not be used to
indicate the latest released version of a jar, perhaps "RELEASE"?  For

To grab the latest released version:


To grab the latest nightly build:


And of course, to grab a specific version:


This avoids any possible ambiguities.


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