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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: primary distribution location
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 09:02:45 GMT
> > It will typically have import statements - something like:
> > import lgpl.sshlibrary.Thingy;

> The import statement alone is sufficient to make the source code a
> work based on the Library, which means we could distribute under the
> terms of section 6.  Those terms are viral and disallow binary-only
> releases, making our product viral because the Apache license does
> not require redistribution of source with executables.

Thank you very much for this explanation.  It should help explain to authors
why we are asking them to provide their LGPL code under a different open
source license.  Many believe that LGPL works differently than you've

Not to put too fine a point on this, but just to understand.  A number of
Java packages, such as JNDI and JavaMail, completely decouple the client
code from the service provider.  There is no source connection whatsoever
between the client code and a service providing jar.  In fact, there is no
direct binary connection.  Available service providers are dynamically
registered with the intermediary standard technology, e.g., JavaMail.  When
the client code invokes the intermediary, the intermediary checks its
registry, and invokes whichever service provider is handling that particular
protocol/resource.  The service provider is literally a black box.

In that specific situation, what is permissible?

	--- Noel

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