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From Nick Chalko <nickcha...@apache.org>
Subject ASF repository URI syntax
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 22:38:43 GMT
I think in general  ./ or  ./index.html should return a human readable 
form and ./index.xml should give machine readable form of the following

    * /
          o list of projects in the repository
    * /project
          o list of subprojects
          o  list of versions available if there is no subprojects
    * /project/[subproject]/
          o list of versions available
    * /project/[subproject]/version/
          o list of artifacts available.
    * /project/[subproject]/version/artifact.
          o downloads the actual artifact.

I think this a reasonable base set that support both a simple   
filesystem or an smart server.

These are just ideas to get the discussion of the protocol started.



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