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From Henri Gomez <hgo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] daedalus jar repository (was: primary distribution location)
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:08:51 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> Hi all,
> (sorry for the massive crosspost up front, as this is a proposal that 
> should in the end come from the various PMCs towards the infrastructure 
> team I'm doing lots of CCing, just once)

FYI, the JPackage project where I'm also involved, as set up
a Java RPM centric distribution where you could find many
(still not all) apache's java projects.


We splitted the package in 2 categories, free and non-free.

free packages are those that can be build from sources AND
could be freely distributed

non-free packages are those with licences which prevent
them from being freely distributed (including ALL the Sun
external but mandatory libraries like activation, mail...)

For those interested, take a look at http://www.jpackage.org

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