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From Nick Chalko <n...@chalko.com>
Subject Re: [proposal] daedalus jar repository (was: primary distribution location)
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:44:27 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>>Not sure what you mean by "lead" ( do you propose a new PMC with Dion as
>>chair ? ). I'm +1 on Dion - however the layout and recommendations must be
>>decided by the normal apache community process
>I meant as in "chair", except that it wouldn't be a PMC, so I don't know if
>the word "chair" would apply.  It would be (part of) a President's
>Sounds like you'd be a good member, too.  ;-)  So that makes Dion, Leo and
>you, so far.  <<ducking>>  Who else wants to volunteer?  Nick?  Morgan?
>	--- Noel
I would like to help in whatever way possible.

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Nick Chalko                                         Show me the code.
  Ant + autodownloadable build plugins + needed jars autodownload.

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