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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Maven and community
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:53:37 GMT
Now that the initial board discussion on the Maven resolution has been 
held, a few thoughts...

1) It was made quite clear to me by a number of directors that it is 
expected that I have an interest and opinion on topics that come before 
the board.  I received repeated requests not to abstain on this vote, 
but I held my ground.  I believe that over the years I have amply 
demonstrated a preference to "let a thousand flowers bloom", but in this 
case my integrity was called into question in a way that I very much did 
not appreciate.

2) The question that is foremost in my mind on the Maven proposal is as 
follows: what does the ASF as a whole gain by yielding a specific scope 
and responsibility to the set of five developers mentioned in the 
proposed Maven resolution?  If these people want to work together, they 
can certainly do so in a number of venues, so what do they or the ASF 
benefit from doing so here?

3) A challenge to the Maven developers: what would it take to convert 
Xalan to use Maven?  The reason for this challenge is simple: to 
demonstrate the the antipathy towards other ASF efforts is damaging not 
only to the ASF, but to Maven itself.

- Sam Ruby

P.S., and this is primarily to Jason: please don't try to twist any of 
this into coersion.  #2 and #3 above are simply a question and a 
challenge.  They are not a prerequisite for board approval, or even 
necessarily for my one vote out of nine directors on the subject when it 
comes up again.  It is my belief that a number of efforts made by the 
Maven community can, will, and do benefit the ASF.  I simply want to 
maximize the potential for this to occur.  That is my interest.

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