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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject can Apache distribute third party libraries?
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 23:01:34 GMT
Dear board,

there exists some confusion within the apache community about the
redistribution of library sources and binaries by apache. The question
I ask you is whether it is acceptable for the apache projects to do so,
and what requirements are imposed on this redistribution. Specifically,
would it be acceptable if the ASF were to create a centralized, publicly
accessible repository of binary java libraries (so-called jars) from
third parties, what requirements need to be satisfied in order for
this repository to be acceptable, and what requirements need to be
satisfied in order for any specific library to be acceptable for
inclusion into this repository?

I would like to point at some existing libraries the ASF redistributes
in one form or another:

Apache HTTP server distributes the PCRE library, licensed under the PCRE
License, in source and binary forms.

Various java-related projects distribute various jars. These are
licensed under various terms; common ones including the IBM Public
License and the BSD license. The above URL is a partial list of jars
available through CVS. Many of these are also distributed as part
of software releases available through http://www.apache.org/dist/.

I would also like to point at the recent discussions in january and
february on this topic held on the community@apache.org,
general@jakarta.apache.org and dev@avalon.apache.org mailing lists
as well as on other mailing lists, for the context in which these
questions arose.

thanks for your time and best regards,

- Leo Simons

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