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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] daedalus jar repository (was: primary distribution location)
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:20:11 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>Which PMC is going to oversee the repository?
all PMCs whose committers 'commit' to the repository should maintain 
some oversight. I
don't think there's an "official" precedent wrt how this works @ apache. 
It might be possible
to get the infrastructure peeps to take on the additional burden of 
oversight, and maybe
some peeps will want to join the infrastructure team to that effect.

>How are files going to be
anyone with an account on daedalus and part of the apcvs group can 
place/modify the files
there using SCP/SSH. People who commit files will also have the option
to chmod those committed files so that they are editable by a smaller 
group of people. Just
like with the existing distribution setup.

>Who is going to ensure that the correct licenses are present and
IMO, the person who places a file in the repository should ensure the 
presence of a license,
just as is currently the case with distributions (pattern emerging here 
;). It is responsibility of
the ASF as a whole to make sure the rest of the world honours its 
license. For the next few
weeks at least, I'll be monitoring the repository closely. I hope/expect 
more people will step
up to help out.

once again, I'm not suggesting we place non-ASF jars online, which 
simplifies license issues
rather by a large amount.

I also think it should be easy enough to automate this somewhat: for 
each ${blah}.jar, check
there's a corresponding ${blah}.LICENSE*, and e-mail the owner of the 
.jar if there isn't.
Should be easy enough; my plan basically consists of following the 
maven+infrastructure lead
on stuff like that, as that's where the expertise is atm. (Looking at
http://www.ibiblio.org/maven/, they chose a pattern of 
which is easily machine-parsable.)

>I like the idea of a central repository.  It would simplify the issue by
>centralizing maintenance of jars and licenses.  I just want to know how it
>is going to operate.  A joint operation between Ant and Maven?
A joint operation between all projects that want to have their jars in 
the repo and all projects
interested in maintaining such a repo for other reasons, and the 
infrastructure team. In effect,
_exactly_ the same de-facto guidelines that apply to 
http://www.apache.org/dist/ apply to this
repo as well. We've not needed things set in stone wrt distribution 
policy before (or do we? :D),
so I wonder whether we should start to do so now. Let's go with the 
flow, shall we?

>[I won't even get into the question of why those two can't be related
>projects under a single PMC]
lets not :D

in summary, the answers to the questions you are posing should be the 
same for
/dist/java-repository as for /dist/ as a whole. If those answers don't 
exist for /dist/, well
if answers are needed they should be sought, but IMV that hasn't got too 
much to do
with this specific repo and more with the general case. IE "Is there 
lack of policy with
regard to www.apache.org/dist/?" is a different thread. And I guess Dirk 
is the one to
give the answer to that one ;)


- Leo

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