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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [proposal] daedalus jar repository (was: primary distribution location)
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:46:49 GMT
Hi all,

(sorry for the massive crosspost up front, as this is a proposal that 
should in the end come from the various PMCs towards the infrastructure 
team I'm doing lots of CCing, just once)

I've been giving this some thought. It has been pointed out that the 
primary distribution location for all apache projects should be an 
apache machine (board position, that is, and I guess mostly everyone 
agrees). It has also become evident that it makes sense to have the 
distribution repository structured in such a way that a software tool 
can understand it, and that it is very valuable for java-based projects 
to distribute jar files as well as zipped/tar+gzipped distributions 
(closest analogy is probably that it makes sense to ship an apache httpd 
msi in addition to a tar/gz). Finally, it is desirable to make use of 
the existing distribution mirroring setup already in place for apache to 
keep actual load on asf machines and the network as a whole as low as 

Based on the above, I suggest we create such a machine-readable 
repository @ 
daedalus.apache.org:/www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository using the 
de-facto common repository format pioneered by maven and supported in 
centipede, supported in Ant using RuperTask or a simple script 
(http://cvs.apache.org/viewcvs.cgi/avalon/check-targets.ent), and easily 
supported in any software too that can do an HTTP GET and a sprintf(). 
The use of this repository is simply to contain symlinks to the various 
distributions in /www/www.apache.org/dist of the various projects.

I am specifically _not_ suggesting that this repository should 
distribute other project distributions (like junit.jar). ASF is not in 
the mirroring business atm. Though I wouldn't have a problem if we were 
to change that, I doubt it'll increase the likelyhood of this proposal 
getting through and it would hence take more work :D

As all java-based projects could benefit from having their software 
symlinked from this repository, it is probably useful if all committers 
with accounts on daedalus and that are part of the apcvs group (I think 
that's everyone by definition :D) gain access to the repository. 
Individual projects can then create dirs in the repository and tighten 
permissions, ie one would do something like

cd /www/www.apache.org/
mkdir avalon-framework
chown -Rf leosimons:avalon avalon-framework
chmod -Rf 775 avalon-framework
cd avalon-framework
ln -s /www/www.apache.org/LICENSE.txt
mkdir distributions
mkdir jars
cd distributions
ln -s ../../../avalon/framework/latest/*.tar.gz
ln -s ../../../avalon/framework/latest/*.zip
# ...
ln -s ../../../avalon/framework/v4.0/*.tar.gz
ln -s ../../../avalon/framework/v4.0/*.zip
ln -s /www/www.apache.org/LICENSE.txt
cd ../jars
ln -s ../../../avalon/framework/latest/avalon-framework-4.1.4.jar
# ...
ln -s ../../../avalon/framework/v4.0/avalon-framework-4.0.jar
ln -s /www/www.apache.org/LICENSE.txt

An alternative is of course to create an apjarrepo group consisting of 
perhaps a committer subset; I'd like to leave that choice up to the 
infrastructure team. If that is a better idea, please tell us so we can 
figure out a list of people who should be part of that group. Normally, 
I'd just ask the infrastructure peeps to

umask 002
mkdir /www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository
chown :apcvs /www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository

and get things started, but given the unusual (well, maybe not ;) amount 
of controversy I think it makes sense to get noses in the right 
direction on this first. I would like to invite everyone to follow-up on 
this matter on community@apache.org, hold a (hopefully, brief & 
productive) discussion, vote on a revised proposal (I'll happily 
volunteer for tallying things up), and format the results of that 
(assuming that my proposal gets through :D) as a request by all the 
involved java-related PMCs to have the infrastructure peeps do a 'mkdir 

Note the legal headache or impact caused by all this is zero: we are 
only providing convenience URLs for things apache already distributes.
Also note the likely diskspace and bandwidth impact is also near zero: 
this repository would be automatically mirrored by the existing apache 
Third, note the complete simplicity: it works out of the box with all 
existing build tools (that I know of), and the additional overhead 
impact on the infrastructure team is a single mkdir/chown.
Finally, note the ease with which existing repositories like 
www.ibiblio.org/maven/ can be made to mirror this repository: rsync is 
already in place and available.

so, thoughts?

cheers all,

- Leo

Greg Stein pretty much summarized:
 > I don't see why we need to do anything. Distribute from daedalus. Ibiblio
 > can rsync it over. What more is needed?

Andrew C. Oliver got the discussion started:
 > I think the maven repository should be Apache's primary distribution 
of all Jakarta/XML projects.

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