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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: How get on the map!
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 00:30:33 GMT
Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Ben Hyde wrote:
>>I can't make maps at until I convince one of the machines in my house
>>to build a version of xworld with tiff and gif||png support.
> Well - if either Santiago or you send me a hi-rez version of that
> background map - then I can automate the layering with ease; allowing for
> zoom in/panning until that background map runs out of pixels.

 From the README of my xplanet distribution:

The file earth.jpg is a slightly degraded (saved at 95% quality) version of

This is a free earth map by James Hastings-Trew.  His other planetary
images are available at:

The file night.jpg is a scaled version of

Details about this file can be found at

This image is not copyrighted.  From

We are using "earth.jpg" for the day map, and "night.jpg" for the night. 
The "blending" of day and night parts is done by xplanet itselt. 
According to the README most if not all images are free from any 
copyright restrictions.

While the source of earth does not seem to exist today, in 

seems to be the original source of the map.

There are 1000x500, 2000x1000, 4000x2000 and 10000x5000 versions (the 4k 
one nearly crashes my laptop by taking the whole swap file to thrash 
when using mozilla on it. ;-)

>>  1. The data gathering should be separate from the report/map
> In our company we actually use secure DDNS to push them into our
> DNS entries (we simply user our emails and swap the @ for a .). But that
> still requires an efford :-)

One thing I like about using jabber presence is that you can switch 
status, or even turn it off, at will. Furthermore, the jabber protocol 
is free, extensible, XML chunk based and designed without a central 
server architecture.

The DDNS idea would "bite" into the username.community.apache.org (this 
was suggested for home pages), then ;-)

>>  2. Privacy policy statements are badly needed, particularly when you
>>     want to display more interesting data, like time of last commit.
>>     This is, darn it, an interesting design problem.
> Well; again; what we do in asemantics.com is push a fair chunk of info
> directly into DNS; or we use NAPTR records in DNS followed by an SRV
> record; typically to HTTP.
>>  3. I very much don't want the data or the reports checked into CVS.
>>  4. It would be fun to pull RSS alternate links as well and use
>>     that to highlight those people with recent postings.
> Aye.
>>  5. It would be very interesting to look into signing, encrypting, etc
>>     the contents of the page.
> :-) You'd almost want to go back on a push based 'messaging' service;
> where the message could be an RDF record (or chunk of Dublin Core) with a
> pgp signature; try
> 	dig mobile.webweaving.org LOC
> 	dig mobile.webweaving.org ANY
> for some of those we use in house (height is a factor 100 off by the way).

Too late for Europe, I'll try again tomorrow.


> Dw
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