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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: How get on the map!
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 15:10:15 GMT
Ben Hyde wrote:
> Santiago Gala wrote:
>> I'm thinking that the best way to show the names, ...
> Apparently the radius label doesn't work in marker files for my version 
> of xplanet.  I'm sure I saw examples of labels floating in space over 
> the markers on the globe.

I think a html USEMAP , with the URLs as targets and a TITLE="unsername" 
should work nicely. I'm refreshing my perl to get this generated. (Andy 
would have used ACME::Inline::PERL, instead.)

> Meanwhile I'm musing about some kind of policy statements that would 
> allow people to clarify their permissiong of such privacy invading 
> activities...

That would be neat. For the map to be a where we are?, the URL should be 
a reasonable home page, and a FullName field (like in /etc/passwd) could 
be added to be used as TITLE (althoug user@apache.org is already public 
info). Alternatively, a second URL with the "true" home page would be 

A shell field could be added (if /bin/false, no name, no link ;-) ).

While I agree that a "statement of use" should be done, I think most 
people publishing their coordinates in a html file won't object to 
having the name and a link in the map. Let's see.

I'll keep trying to "perl" the map. (So long since I last used perl for 
something more serious than fixing a small bug!).

> Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
>> Ben - could you also put the harversted lat/lon list there ?
> Prefered:
>    cvs co committers
>    cd committers/krell
>    make tmp/geomarkers
> Currently:
>    http://cvs.apache.org/markers.txt
> For that you only need unix and perl.
>>  I'd like to
>> slap a WMS (Open GIS Web Mapping Server) interface over it - so one can
>> doe things like zoom in; or change the background, add roads, etc.
> Oh that would be neat!
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Wow, great work Ben and Santiago. I added to the FAQ to explain
>> geographic co-ordinates. Some people have their latitude and
>> longitude reversed.
> Thanks!
>> The obvious ones are: bdelacretaz, gstein,
>> jwoolley
> Actually they haven't exposed their location, so I dumped then in 
> Antarctica.
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