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From Greg Stein <gst...@lyra.org>
Subject Re: Ant PMC Issue (was: RE: [proposal] daedalus jar repository)
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 22:28:31 GMT
On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 04:01:06PM -0500, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> As I understand it, the ASF is flattening the hierarchy, but I see top-level
> projects established around synergistic semantic domains, not code bases.

There is a bit of tension between those two, but generally: yes. There is a
continuum between "umbrella" and "per-codebase". We're shifting away from
umbrella; will we ever reach *per* codebase? Not without additional
infrastructure support tools(*).

> Isn't that why the ASF Board established webservices.apache.org, and
> rejected the Cocoon charter?  The fact that they would promote Cocoon in the
> absence of an acceptable charter is an extension of respect to that
> Community, showing the the Board is confident that they will return with a
> proper charter governing ... dynamic XML-based content serving, I would
> expect.

You hit the nail on the head. Yes, exactly: the Board was quite confident in
its trust that Stefano and the rest of the PMC would iron this out. There
was no reason to hold up the new PMC for what amounts to a correction in
some text.

> > This is all Maven is trying to do. Any kinds of integration/merging is an
> > internal decision for the Ant and Maven communities isn't it?
> Remember, this started as a question.  WHY aren't they under by a common
> TLP?  No one said that the Board was, would, or should enforce it.

Right. From the meeting this morning, the Board basically said, "so what if
they compete?" But the Board *also* said, "if they compete to the detriment
of the ASF as a whole, then we would need to do something."

[ where something starts with directing the PMCs to figure out what to do ]


(*) SourceCast has been referenced in the past, but I have to abstain on
decisions surrounding its acceptance, and tread carefully when referring to
it.  [conflict of interest; especially if I use gstein@apache.org]

Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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