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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Wiki - we have a problem :)
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 19:44:57 GMT

> The wikidiffs@ list received 77 emails yesterday.  That's a *lot* of
> traffic for a small group to handle reliably.  I certainly can't keep
> up with that.

Understood.  One problem is that changes aren't merged.  I probably do a
half dozen minor Wiki updates before I finish with an edit.  I'd prefer that
diffs for oversight were only generated after pages settled.  Obviously,
that requires a code change, and I'm not going to touch that code.

That is something to consider mentioning to Greg for SubWiki.  :-)  Even
with the oversight approach that we both agree upon, this could be an issue.
Wiki edits are likely to be made iteratively, whereas when I submit code to
the CVS, the edits are already merged.  Imagine if we had to follow commits
made directly from emacs on C-X C-S!  Ouch.  :-)

> And, that's with only minimal activity on the wiki.  I don't think a
> centralized group of oversight scales for something the entire ASF
> would use.

> I think the oversight belongs with the people are
> responsible for the content.

> I'd rather not see the infrastructure committee (or any subset
> thereof) have to make the determiniation on what is proper or not.

> I'd much prefer PMCs being responsible for sections of the wiki that
> their projects are using.

I agree.  But the message, as posted, didn't deal with improper content.
The issue it raised was simply about oversight from a corporate liability
perspective, essentially guarding against illegal behavior, and that is what
I responded to in my reply.  I mentioned my observation that it was a
relatively weak standard for oversight.  If more oversight is necessary, a
different set of issues comes up.

I didn't pick infrastructure to do the work.  I mentioned a group under the
auspices of infrastructure, since infrastructure is the only group that
spans the organization.  I certainly didn't mean that the work would be done
by you, Brian, Manoj, Pier, et al.

	--- Noel

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