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From James Duncan Davidson <dun...@x180.net>
Subject Re: [poll] weblog package on apache.org
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:10:44 GMT

On Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003, at 07:07 US/Pacific, David Reid wrote:

> A blog (in the context it's being pushed now) is (IMHO) really just 
> another
> outlet for news on a project that should be readily available 
> elsewhere -
> which is an issue and a failing that has been identified before and 
> one that
> the reorg@ list discussed at length before this whole community thing 
> came
> into being.

It would be nice to have a blog-like CMS (like MT or Blosxom or what 
not) backending the news production so that RSS feeds and the like 
would automatically be there.

There's also some exploration in "shared blogs" serving as a 
discussion/collaboration forum. But seeing how well the wiki seems to 
be generating controversy, I'm not sure it's a good time/place for such 
an experiment here at Apache.

But, for personal blog use—independent space is easy to set up and use 
for blogs of a personal nature. I don't see the need to host blogs of 
the style of mine, or Sam's or Erik's or any of a dozen others of us. 
Therefore, I don't see the need to burden the ASF's resources with 
blogs of this nature.

>> - Should we select a Java based solution (the request came from
>>    jakarta-general initially), or anything else ?
> Erm, unless I've missed something shouldn't this be a decision once we 
> have
> decided the above question? This sort of question on a poll could be 
> viewed
> as leading...

Dozens of solutions. Definitely a second order question.

James Duncan Davidson
Coder, Speaker, Author
[life live];

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